mental health Sundays #11 - health anxiety (hypochondria)


“I have hypochondria, OCD and general anxiety.

I’ve been called a control freak, a germaphobe and just “overly worried”.

These aren’t choices that I make.

For me germs, sickness, disease, and death are MAJOR and triggers.

I cannot even have someone walk by my food with a broom or I’m convinced the dirt has somehow flown up and into my food.

I over cook things a lot fear of food poisoning, wash my hands sometimes till they are cracked and peeling, check my pulse randomly through the day and give myself tests to make sure I haven’t suffered a stroke or _____.

One symptom or pain can spiral me for days.

But my OCD and anxiety also looks like for me having to get an answer RIGHT NOW. Having to wait to resolve an issue, disagreement or even just situation (no matter how big or small) physically makes my skin feel tight and my body ache.

I cannot leave things in limbo.

Needless to say living with the above during a pandemic, has been excruciating.” - @yasmine.dreamz