mental health Sundays #5 - borderline personality disorder



“My treatment for BPD came after I had to quit a job I loved in order to take care of myself.

My symptoms were at their strongest, I no longer idealized the job I had, I’d get into crying spells in front of my co-workers because I couldn’t handle jokes, and I was so inconsolable in my anger toward myself. I knew something was not right about the way I was feeling when my symptoms were visible, because usually I can hide my discomfort very well and I can appear competent, but I felt extreme physical pain from my emotions.


It’s been about two years since I started DBT, and I’ve transitioned into Radical Openness (RO-DBT) which helps with rigid thoughts and becoming comfortable with discomfort. I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m slowly becoming more comfortable with who I am. I’ve been putting all my spare time and energy into my metalsmithing, which has helped not only boost my confidence but help me learn news skills and be better able to communicate.” - anonymous