mental health Sundays #6 - going to therapy

“When I was in high school, my hair started falling out due to alopecia. I was also already a pretty emotional person and had had suicidal thoughts and panic attacks at various points throughout middle/high school. One night when I was crying, I told my mom I should see a therapist. She said "don't be ridiculous, you're fine." I know she meant it in an encouraging way, but it made me believe that I had to be ready to do serious harm in order to "deserve" a therapist. For years I thought this. I would get so jealous when my friend talked about therapy. One night I finally told them that. They helped me realize that you don't need to hit rock bottom to want to get help. You don't need a specific diagnosis or a crisis or a hospitalization. If you feel like you could use someone to help you work your shit out (and you have the resources to do so) then fucking get yourself a therapist.” - @e_whipple_