are these your freedom fighters? Is this your social justice?=

Is this your social justice?

Ham@s present themselves to the world as grassroots freedom fighters for the Palestinian cause.

In reality, they are everything but.



Anti-Black racism is universal, and there’s no shortage of it in the Gaza Strip. 

Afro-Palestinians first arrived to what are now Israel and the Palestinian Territories via the Arab slave trade. The Arab slave trade laid the groundwork for the transatlantic slave trade most of us are familiar with; in other words, they established the routes.

Some 11,000 Afro-Palestinians currently reside in the “Al Abeed” neighborhood in Gaza, translating, quite literally, to “slaves.” They are also derogatorily referred to as “abeed,” meaning slaves.

Since 2014, Ham@s has held Avera Mengistu, an Ethiopian Jewish civilian with severe mental illness, hostage. During the October 7 massacre, they abducted a number of Black Jews and African international students.

In one of the hostage-taking videos, you can hear Ham@s terrorists say to “k!ll the Black ones” and keep the blonde ones as sex slaves. 

According to CNN correspondent Frederik Pleitgen, Ham@s, as of 2013, was playing a role in the Arab slave trade, trading human organs to purchase weapons. 




There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind, following the October 7 massacre, that Ham@s is no cheerleader for women’s rights, given the t3rrorists committed despicable acts of mass r@pe.

In Gaza, under Ham@s leadership, women and girls are legally under the guardianship of men. Honor killings are common; in 2019 alone, at least 18 women in Gaza were murdered by members of their own family for “fraternizing with men” or somehow violating conservative values. Femicide and domestic violence are common, and women receive little, if any, police protection. 

Hijab is mandatory for girls in Gaza schools.

In the past, Ham@s police patrols have searched public areas, such as beaches, to ensure that women are dressed conservatively. 

In 2021, a female Palestinian reporter was beaten by the Ham@s police for not wearing hijab. 

Ham@s has also recruited women — including pregnant women — to act as su!cide bombers, as pregnant women are less likely to be suspected by the Israeli army and police. 



In Gaza, homosexuality is considered a crime punishable by ten years in prison. In reality, however, gay men are oftentimes simply murdered. 

In 2016, Ham@s executed a top leader, Mahmoud Ishtiwi, because he was suspected of having had gay sex.

“Abdul,” an anonymous gay Palestinian who fled the Gaza Strip in 2022, was repeatedly kidnapped, imprisoned, and tortured by the Ham@s police when he was just 17 years old after he was discovered having sex with his boyfriend. 

After escaping the Gaza Strip, Abdul told the Israeli news channel i24, “There are many people gay in the Gaza Strip, and they are in Ham@s also. If you are gay, you should be hiding. It’s so hard. I was so scared. Scared from everything you know? Scared of getting hit, of getting kidnapped. I was so afraid. I was afraid Ham@s would find out I was gay."

Another anonymous gay Gazan, “Sami,” told Haaretz in 2019, “It’s impossible in this community. I have met many homosexuals in Gaza online. But everyone is afraid of everyone. Some have been punished, some have been killed. Others killed themselves. One of my best friends was gay…He took his own life. His father called me day and night for a week to ask me how his son could have done such a thing — but I couldn’t say anything. Even dead, I had to protect his honor. Shortly before he committed suicide, we sat down together and he asked me, ‘If I kill myself, will God forgive me for being gay?’”



Leftists, progressives, and social justice activists frequently decry, “fuck all billionaires!” or “eat the rich!” Apparently, however, this doesn’t seem to apply as far as Ham@s is concerned. 

Ham@s is one of the richest terrorist organizations in the world, with a billion dollar annual turnover. 

The second in command at Hamas, Dr. Musa Abu Marzook, is worth between 2-3 billion dollars, according to Arab outlets. Khaled Mashaal, the former chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, is worth between 2-5 billion. Even the Hamas prime minister, Ismayil Haniyeh, is worth at least 4 million. They live in mansions in Qatar and Turkey. 

And yet — more than 65 percent of Gazans live under the poverty line. The wealth disparity in Gaza is huge, and it’s not because of the blockade. After all, there are an estimated 600-1700 millionaires living inside the Gaza Strip. 

Rather, the wealth disparity is there because of the greed of the Ham@s leaders. 

Where did these Ham@s leaders amass all their money? Through a number of means, including your well-intentioned donations. Both Israel and the United Nations have caught Hamas workers diverting humanitarian aid to give to their leaders multiple times over the years. 



Ham@s are not exactly environmentalists. Ham@s have a history of sending incendiary balloons across the border into sovereign Israeli territory, which, beyond endangering civilians, are also destructive to the environment. 

After Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, Gazans immediately destructed about $14 million worth of greenhouses that Israelis had left behind. 

The attacks of October 7 not only took around 1500 lives, but also destroyed the environment of the southern Israeli communities. 



Ham@s are not freedom fighters for Palestinian liberation. Their ultimate goal is not an independent Palestinian state. Their goals are as follows: (1) slaughter every single Jew in the world, as illustrated in their official Charter and as has been repeated by Ham@s leaders over and over for the past three decades, and (2) to establish an Islamic Caliphate (Empire) from West Asia to southern Spain. That’s, by definition, imperialism. 

“Ham@s’s ultimate goal is the renewal of the Islamic Caliphate over the entire Arab-Muslim space while returning to the golden age of the Muslim world as it was during the time of the first ancestors (Al-Salaf).

Ham@s believes…the purpose of the Islamic Caliphate is to fight the infidels and interlopers, led by the Jews.” — Dr. Shaul Bartal 

Additionally, Ham@s is one of the many, many proxies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which seeks to exert its influence all over the Middle East. 



Ham@s’ treatment of people with disabilities is abysmal at best. As stated earlier, they’ve held a disabled Black Jewish civilian, Avera Mengistu, captive since 2014. On October 7, they slaughtered a 12-year-old autistic girl. An elderly woman who was too ill to kidnap was simply massacred in her bed. A Holocaust survivor in a wheelchair was abducted to Gaza. 

As far as Gazans themselves, those affiliated with Ham@s receive preferential treatment in hospitals. According to UNICEF, children with disabilities face enormous stigma and social barriers in the Palestinian Territories, including the Gaza Strip. 


It's true. As Emma Lazarus — a Zionist, by the way — once said, "Until all of us are free, none of us are free."

But these freedom fighters of yours…well, they don't want most of us to be free. 

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