Debbie Lechtman is a Jewish, Israeli, and Latina writer, educator, and content creator. She is a sitting board member at Indigenous Bridges, writes educational content and curriculums on Jewish history and identity for the Anti-Defamation League, Creative Community for Peace, Honest Reporting, and more, and works as a research assistant for a top Israeli journalist.

She has collaborated with a number of renowned organizations, including Jewish on Campus and the Center for Peace Communications, and has also presented lectures at a number of events, including events hosted by Limmud, the American Jewish Committee, the Holocaust Center for Humanity, Hillel, and Microsoft. In the past, she worked as a guide, educator, and curator at Costa Rica’s only Jewish museum and wrote for a number of Jewish publications.

Debbie has a Bachelor of Science in journalism with a minor in sociology and world religions and a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing. 

She currently shares her knowledge and research on Jewish history on her Instagram account, @rootsmetals, where she has fostered a learning community of over 100,000 followers.

For inquiries, please email Raquela Cohen at raquela@shevamanagement.com